Anti-gravity direction, more suitable for flying - AIR JORDAN XXXI

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Review Michael Jordan with black and red color Air Jordan 1 "Bred" soaring dunk picture, this very explosive and aesthetic moments, it seems injected into XXXI, memorable. With Swoosh to the trapeze signs of the gradient, as well as inside the Upper Air Jordan flying wing logo, this tribute to the obvious again!

Air Jordan shoes are, after all, is positioned in actual combat, after experiencing the sole forefoot XX9 and XXX, XXXI once again bring the whole Pocket Zoom Air cushion with the perfect match, the actual combat performance for the stadium is clearly out of support!

This also adopted Michael Jordan Joe Bangzhu own opinion, Flight Speed ​​midsole with Zoom Air full palm cushion, to be more close to the ground design, in the "paste flying" visual effects, bring more Low center of gravity, better feedback and lateral support performance.

This a sole configuration, already let me have a hard time to impose an urge!

AIRJORDAN gradually desalinated the image of SWOOSH from the AJ2 generation in 1986 until the AIR JORDAN in 1992. AIR JORDAN completely eliminated the image of the SWOOSH on the body of the shoe. After years of iteration, AIR JORDAN as NIKE's high-end sub-brand deeply printed in the minds of shoe fans. AIR JORDAN and NIKE relationship is like "Lexus" and "Toyota", "Audi" and "Volkswagen."

AIR JORDAN 1 released in 1985, after a lapse of many years AIR JORDAN 31 is the heritage and continuation of the classic, learn more AIR JORDAN 1 design elements and innovative use of technology flexibility.

The vamp is another point of concern. The use of Flyweave high-performance woven materials and leather materials integration program, such a presentation, the first time in the history of the shoe manufacturing.

The toe and the body of the shoe are made of lightweight woven material and the perfect combination of leather wrapped in the upper gives the perfect transformation of texture and style.

Air Jordan 31 is from Jordan brand designer Tate Kuerbis hand, who was Air jordan18,19 designer, and now we are familiar with SuperFly series 3,5 also designed him. So, although 31 does not come from Tinker's hand, but who have a pure trapeze.

The fine Flyweave fabric is still used with the Flywire dynamic fly line, providing full support in terms of package and support. 31 is Flyweave and synthetic leather spliced ​​uppers. The upper part of the upper uses a braid similar to 29 (also known as Performance-Woven at the time), but appears to be more dense and thicker.

A combination of the two, the perfect balance of performance and fashion values, lightweight and tough, modern and retro, this exquisite feeling, worth the careful taste.

Protective, this may be the most personal feel that the most flawless place of this pair of shoes, the support is done enough, and lining which is similar to Melo12 distribution of foam is very comfortable, tying the shoelaces feel ankle lock Quite place, but not very much affect the flexibility, there are anti-rollover, but the sole feeling of personal Erin 2 feel similar, so when disguised quite smooth.

Said the parcels of this pair of shoes is absolutely first class, nothing to say, but the fly line we all know, but personally still like to use the previous generations of flight web, wear on the feet, the shoes are really light, and because of the special tight, So the shoes a bit too small, 42.5 of the landlord wearing 42.5, and even some top feet, probably because of the relationship between the elite wear socks

Feelings of actual combat: shoes may be new, zoom does not necessarily stepped on what kind of situation, but said cushioning, cushioning indeed, just let me feel a bit awkward feedback. But not muddle through, and protective and wrapped the perfect, so I can be assured of any action, but also to adapt to the position of a wide range of players, outside inside can be worn. The weight of the shoes is not very light, the gold code right foot 412.3 grams, remove the insole weight is 373.4 grams

Wearing the process, the full length of the AIR JORDAN 31 ZOOM cushion feet feel really good, FLIGHTSPEED enhanced the first step of the start-up speed, prominent ankle foam wrapped well, lower vamp, a kind of AIR JORDAN 1 feeling, Feet wide foot fat shoes friends recommend to try to shop and then determine the size. Deviate from the design of everyday wear Believe that both in the field or field will find the right mix of programs.

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