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Air Jordan XXX1 Comprehensive Evaluation


Today we are going to do a comprehensive performance evaluation with some details on the Air Jordan XXX1 shoes.




What a refreshing experience it was to tie a pair of basketball shoes that had their tongue and vamp detached in 2016. There are plenty of examples of footwear designs that use leg warmers better than other designs, but when it comes to dynamic adaptability, leg warmers are never better than traditional techniques. Therefore, in this regard, Air Jordan XXX1 still adopts the design of combining traditional leather and Flyweave high-performance braid material, which can provide excellent package quality, facilitate wear and off, and control the tightness according to your preference.


Compared to this time Air Jordan XXX1, I prefer the design of Air Jordan XX9 and XXX shoelace holes, because most of the support can only come from synthetic leather used to support and stabilize shoelace holes. But either way, the shoes really fit, and when you tie them tight, the vamp gets so close to the foot that it forms another layer of supportive skin, with almost no buildup. This is arguably the most comfortable package I've ever sought.

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Comfort is also excellent. The weave part of Flyweave is so malleable that the synthetic leather heel is arguably the biggest surprise. It's softer and more comfortable than the leather Nike used in the past, and it offers support that fabric can't. I felt a little bit about the ductility of the lower vamp, and found that the most beautiful thing about the vamp design is that when it's extended, the vamp can still be pulled very tightly.

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Ankle support:


There have been a lot of shoe styles in the past that have good lock quality, but Air Jordan XXX1 makes the concept more futuristic. I often use the very soft, comfortable neckline at Zoom Kobe 4 as a benchmark for ankle control. Since heel stability was a key factor, Zoom Kobe 4 proved that low-top shoes provide enough ankle support.

The same idea was applied to Air Jordan XXX1, but in a whole new way. Instead of completely wrapping the neckline with a liner, it USES six separate bumps to wrap around the ankle and contour. This may not necessarily provide better locks, but it is lighter when the same quality locks are available. This is an area that needs a lot of support because it's not just a small adjustment. Perhaps the technology was good enough that no improvements were needed, but this more elaborate design would be better by comparison. It makes you feel more fluid and faster on the court, and when combined with the support of the front palm, it gives you a more stable, safe playing experience.

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The FlightPlate technology is Pebax cushioning board with the front palm Nike Zoom cushion to help spread the pressure evenly across the whole cushion plate. It first appeared on Air Jordan XX8, and so far, it is mainly used in the shoe style of multi-area Air cushion in the front palm. On this Air Jordan XXX1, full-handed Zoom Air cushion is again used. In order to make Zoom more sensitive, a new FlightSpeed technology is introduced.

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Air Jordan XXX1's grip is good because it doesn't require a long run-in period, but the downside is that what you see is what you get. When the outside of XXX1 is clean, its gecko foot - like parts provide very reliable control. Unfortunately, this design is very good at picking up dust. Although the field I play is kept clean, I have to take pains to clean the outsole of my shoes. So even if the grip is relatively fixed, it is recommended that you clean more of the frequently rubbed parts in order to keep it this way.


I am looking forward to the performance experience brought by the Air Jordan product line in recent years, and this pair of Air Jordan XXX1 fully meets my expectations. While some parts will be praised or criticized according to personal preference, generally speaking, there are not too many defects in this pair of shoes.

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