Nike Zoom KD 10 Actual Combat Evaluation

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Nike Zoom KD 10 Actual Combat Evaluation


Compared with the previous 9th generation, the gradual improvement of KD 10 is absolutely remarkable. Excellent basketball shoes serve the top basketball players, as well as signature shoes. They are tailor-made for the stars, just like Kevin Durant himself, and they are on the top of the NBA playoffs, a pair of excellent boots.

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In terms of cushioning, KD 10 can definitely capture your feet in the first place. The use of the full-arm Zoom Air has allowed it to inherit the advantages of the previous generation. This cushioning design specifically and intuitively fine-tunes the Zoom Air according to the different positions of the soles of the feet - the back palm is thicker and the forefoot is slightly thinner. For direct.




The thin design of the forefoot makes the feedback more direct, and the breakthrough is more flexible and easier to manipulate. The air cushion design with front and back drop not only improves multi-directional performance, but even walking is extremely comfortable and natural!

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Wear resistance:


In order to test the degree of wear resistance, Xiaobian wore almost every day and conducted 20 actual tests in two months. The venue was 12 outdoor and 8 indoors. Although the Nike Zoom KD 10 LMTD EP has a light blue crystal base, it looks good in wear resistance and is available in the XDR version.


For the trachea problem that everyone wants to know, Xiaobian has also tested it. The improved connection of the trachea is no problem! As the rainy weather increases, Xiaobian also wears KD 10 to drench the water, because the water will accelerate oxidation. So the sole has a noticeable yellowing!




With good breathability, it is a big standard for everyone to choose summer shoes, and KD 10 uses "socks shoes" design, the lines and lines naturally interlaced to create a good breathability! Whether it is basketball actual combat, or daily commute , there will be no sweltering situation!

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The heel with the built-in TPU and the filling sponge securely locks the feet for a comfortable and stable wearing experience. During the test period of the small series, there was no attenuation. And in the high-intensity confrontation, still can provide a good stability effect.




The thinner shoe type and the integrated body of the shoe feel good wrapping without the laces. The thick lace covering the entire upper is like a bandage, and the foot is firmly wrapped. However, because the instep woven fabric is thin, wearing thin socks in the long-term movement, the feet will appear to feel, it is recommended to wear thick socks in actual combat.

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Similar to the outsole design of the sole, the water-wave pattern of seven orientations makes the breakthrough more flexible. Whether it is in the field or in the field, not only brings a stable grip, but also a great sense of feedback.

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